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Chaparro, Karabinchak, & Johnson Bill Helping Development Residents Pay Lower Electric Vehicle Charging Rates Now Law

Jan 21, 2022

Easing the confusion about electric charging stations for residents in New Jersey, Assembly Democrats Annette Chaparro (D-Hudson), Robert Karabinchak (D-Middlesex), and Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen) sponsored legislation signed into law on Tuesday to help tenants pay residential rates in electric vehicle charging stations at planned real-estate developments.

The law (formerly bill A-2360) ensures that residential unit owners who live in planned real-estate developments will be charged a more affordable residential rate when using an electric vehicle charging station.  Previously, planned real estate developments were allowed to use the much higher commercial rate for electric vehicle charging stations instead of the residential rate which can be a lower price in some areas of the state. Under the law, the customer using the electric charging station is prohibited from selling the electricity in any capacity.

Assembly members Chaparro, Karabinchak, and Johnson issued the following joint statement:

“When there are both residential and commercial charging stations within a development, it often becomes very confusing for residents.  Families who have electric cars should have access to more affordable charging rates and not have to worry about using a higher priced charging station outside their home.  

“Residents should not be wary about owning an electric car due to potential confusion at their residential charging stations.  It is clear, if a person is at their own residence, they should pay a residential rate.”