Responding to COVID-19 and Community Health Needs

  • 5Increasing healthcare access and affordability
  • 5Sponsored legislation to ensure sufficient PPE for healthcare workers and first-responders
  • 5Sponsored legislation to “Cap-the-Copay” on insulin at $50 per month
  • 5Sponsored legislation to provide sufficient testing availability for COVID-19
  • 5Obtained additional COVID-19 testing sites throughout Middlesex County and more vaccine sites in Edison and East Brunswick, including the “Mega Site” at the NJ Exposition Center

Strengthening Education

  • 5Fighting for our fair share of school funding
  • 5Making college affordable for all students
  • 5Educating students with the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century economy
  • 5Sponsored legislation requiring higher education institutions to provide tuition and fee transparency
  • 5Sponsored legislation to provide in-state tuition for students of parents with H-1B visas ▪ Sponsored legislation to create an Anti-Bullying Task Force
  • 5Voted for additional state funds for school security and school nurses
  • 5Voted for Chapter 78 relief for teachers
  • 5Voted to codify the Community College Opportunity Grant Program

Protecting the Environment and Addressing Climate Change

  • 5Saving the environment and investing in the Green Economy
  • 5Sponsored the original Water Quality Accountability Act and subsequent improvement legislation
  • 5Sponsored legislation to combat non-point source pollution
  • 5Sponsored multiple pieces of legislation supporting electric vehicles
  • 5Obtained $300,000 for the berm design for Edison’s Landfill closure, which will include passive recreation, cricket & soccer fields, and a solar energy farm
  • 5Obtained $200,000 for Dismal Swamp Preserve conservation purposes
  • 5Board Member of the State Legislative Climate Alliance

Protecting Women and Civil Rights

  • 5Promoting diversity and defending civil rights
  • 5Protecting women’s equality and rights

Improving Infrastructure

  • 5Priorities Attracting new businesses to New Jersey
  • 5Fixing NJ Transit and our state’s roads, bridges, and tunnels
  • 5Cutting red tape for small businesses
  • 5Promoting fiscal responsibility
  • 5Secured $60 million for clean water infrastructure and lead service line replacement projects statewide
  • 5Obtained more than $25 million in roadway improvement projects throughout East Brunswick
  • 5Obtained $450,000 for a new Route 287 ramp design to divert truck traffic from our residential neighborhoods
  • 5Sponsored legislation expanding New Jersey’s Infrastructure Bank to tackle climate change mitigation projects
  • 5Sponsored legislation directing the Board of Public Utilities to establish a utility scale solar program
  • 5Sponsored legislation establishing a Community Broadband Study Commission
  • 5Supported the statewide effort to establish New Jersey as the offshore wind capital of the Northeast
  • 5National Infrastructure Bank Coalition Member