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Karabinchak Introduces Measure to Create NJ Wave and Tidal Energy Pilot Program

Jul 8, 2022

(TRENTON) – Around the globe, wave energy, a form of renewable energy, is being tested and connected to electrical grids, such as in Gibraltar.    Renewable energy is sustainable energy that will create new jobs in a largely untapped sector.  In order for New Jersey and the United States to transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy, it is essential that we think outside the box and consider ways to bolster our renewable energy portfolio.

To spearhead new wave energy projects in New Jersey, Assemblyman Robert Karabinchak (D-Middlesex) introduced legislation (A-4483) to conduct a study and create a pilot program for wave and tidal energy feasibility in New Jersey.  Additionally, the FY23 budget allocated $500,000 in funds for a Wave and Tidal Energy Feasibility Study and Pilot Program.

“With almost 140 miles of coastline, NJ is in a unique position to be the leader in this growing field,” said Assemblyman Karabinchak.  “This legislation seeks to set goals pertaining to wave and tidal energy in the State’s Energy Master Plan which bring the State one step closer toward achieving net-zero emissions and 100% renewable energy by 2050.”

California, Oregon, and Hawaii have also created programs to explore the feasibility of wave energy.

“We cannot simply rely on one or two approaches for clean energy.  With new technologies and advancements, we are able to produce much more efficient power systems that are environmentally friendly,” continued Karabinchak. “By introducing this bill, we will open the door for more legislation to follow suit and expand our renewable, clean energy capabilities.”

It is estimated that 750MW of energy can be produced from New Jersey’s shores alone and the U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that the energy potential from waves is equivalent to 66% of all electricity currently generated in the United States.